Essential tools you need in one platform

Learning Content Builder

Easily create mobile-ready online courses, from days cut down to a few hrs. Focus on your content and avoid wasting time on the technical aspect.

Learning Management System

Enroll and track learners to monitor their progress. Use their learning data to help them reach their goals.

Mobile App

Android and iOS mobile app for course distribution, notification, and option to download training materials for offline use.

What you can achieve with Juander?

Juander is the smarter and faster way to create mobile-ready eLearning courses that your learners can access online or offline. Enroll and track your learners with its built-in LMS feature.

These are some of the values that Juander and eLearning can give to your organization:

1. Thrive in the new normal by equipping your team with the skills they need anywhere anytime using their devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone)

2. Save time, money, and resources as you can use your material for on demand self paced learning, online discussion, and during face to face sessions.

3. Scalability and distribution strategy. Since all of the content is placed in a centralized location, you can easily add new content.

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Packed with great features


Easy to use learning content builder. Works even on mobile devices!


Create your courses from scratch or repurpose learning materials that you already have.


Organize content by learning boards, content library, and learning materials.


Mobile app to learn anywhere, anytime, online or offline!

Here are more features you will love

  • Web based Learning Studio, no need to install any software.
  • 1 click publishing of content
  • Add your logo and colors
  • Supports H5P elements
  • Add documents and zip files
  • User groups for bulk enrollment
  • Allow downloading for offline use
  • Notifications keeps everyone on the loop
  • Organize content by learning boards and content library
  • Limit access duration or set expiration date
  • Course landing page
  • Offer free or sell learning courses
  • Set your payment details for paid content
  • Clean and modern design works on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices
  • Video with subtitle and closed caption
  • Embed external content
  • Engage learners using gamification and social learning
  • Reports shows you user performance
  • Create quiz that you can track
  • Allows you to customize your Juander mobile app
  • Use web browser or the mobile app to view content
  • Enroll users manually or allow them to self enroll
  • Add tags for easy searching of content
  • Set content for private or public access
  • Add FB Chat, Pixel and Google Analytics code

Thousands of people getting the training they need to level up their skills!

Help your organization thrive in the new normal, discover how you can save time and money using eLearning and LMS. Know the smart way to transition from the stone age training approach to a digital & technology-driven learning strategy.

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